Vision and Ethos

Our Vision

All our pupils have an entitlement to a high quality education that enables them to fulfil their potential and encourages them to become lifelong learners who value education. Our aim is for the children in our care to develop into confident, happy and socially well-adjusted young people with all the skills necessary to allow them to make a positive contribution to society. We celebrate success and encourage independence.

Our Ethos

The Cavendish Code was developed in partnership with the whole school community as an expression of our school ethos. It is the basis of our school behaviour code and it underpins everything we do. All members of the school community are expected to follow The Cavendish Code:

  • We care for ourselves, for each other and for our environment
  • We treat each other as equals
  • We try our best and take pride in what we do
  • We keep ourselves safe, healthy and happy
  • We have good manners

Our Core Values 


A kind person is someone who is polite, thoughtful and considerate. They show compassion and understanding.  They are also active listeners and avoid being judgemental.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping to us to form and sustain positive, respectful and lasting relationships.


A resilient person is someone who is able to persevere and stay committed when faced with challenges. They have a ‘growth’ rather than a ‘fixed’ mind-set and know that success comes about through effort and the determination to practise. They also understand the importance of learning from mistakes and are able to cope with disappointment.

These characteristics play a crucial role is helping us to fulfil our learning potential, avoid the temptation of giving up and to regulate our emotions when things do not go our way.


A person with integrity is someone who is responsible, honest and brave. They understand the importance of making positive choices and have a strong sense of right and wrong.  They are also reflective and are willing to offer, receive and respond to advice and feedback.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping us to gain the respect and trust of others and protect us from negative influences. They also underpin high expectations of ourselves and others self and foster pride in our school.


A person with curiosity is someone who takes a keen interest in learning. They are enthusiastic, inquisitive and imaginative and use reason and evidence to help shape their ideas and opinions. They show a willingness to learn both cooperatively and independently.

These characteristics play a crucial role in helping us to enjoy our learning and deepen our knowledge and understanding.