Our compulsory school uniform is an important part of school life and we expect all children to come to school in the correct uniform items, ready to learn.

Nearly all items are available from the High Street or supermarkets, with just our branded Cavendish school sweatshirt, polo shirt (choice of white or red) and PE top needing to be bought directly from school. These branded items of the school uniform are managed by the PTA. The PTA is available in the school, normally on a Wednesday. You will need to pick up a form from the school reception, complete it and hand it in to the PTA. 

The compulsory uniform for all Year groups is:

  • Black or grey trousers/skirt
  • Socks or plain tights in a school colour i.e. white, red, black or grey
  • White or red Cavendish branded polo shirt
  • Cavendish branded sweatshirt
  • Black shoes (no trainers)

In the Summer children have the option to wear the uniform outlined above or they can wear grey shorts in stead of trousers, or a red and white checked dress.

Jewellery and hairstyles

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind except small stud earrings and a watch. Any pupils with long hair should wear it tied away from their face. Pupils with short hair are not permitted to have their heads shaved, or to have tramlines or other designs cut into their hair.  Hair bands/ties, scarves and bows should be also be plain and in school colours i.e. white, red, black or grey.

PE kit

For PE all children are required to wear the Cavendish branded PE shirt, with all other items of PE kit available on the High Street or from supermarkets. 

Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery at all during PE. If your child is not able to remove their own earrings please ensure that you send them to school without earrings on their PE days. The only exception to this rule is for children with newly pierced ears whose ears must be covered with plasters.

Please see the table below for details of all uniform items. All Cavendish branded items can be ordered and paid for at the school office, and are available to pick up every Wednesday during term time.

Wet and cold weather clothing

If it is cold or rainy please make sure that your child comes to school in appropriate clothing for the weather. If children walk to school in wellies or trainers, we expect them to have proper school shoes to change into once they arrive.

We also ask that parents ensure that their child has a warm, waterproof coat.

Warm and sunny weather clothing

In warm sunny weather please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school as this is not something that staff are permitted to do. We also advise that children have a hat and a water bottle.  


All Cavendish (with logo) uniform is ordered by parents directly with our supplier via their online shop:




If you do not have access to the internet please request a postal order form from the School Office.