Our Curriculum/School Improvement Priorities



We believe that a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum promotes the highest standards and provides the basis through which all our learners can thrive and reach their academic, physical and aesthetic potential.    

We prioritise the social and emotional development of our pupils and exploit every opportunity to make meaningful cross-curricular links with the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics.  We ensure the ongoing promotion of positive values and learning characteristics in order that our pupils are best prepared for the next stage in their education and for making a positive contribution to life in modern, multi-cultural Britain.  

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School Improvement Priorities

Each year we evaluate strengths of the school and identify our priorities for improvement.  These areas are then developed throughout our curriculum. We also assess the impact of our actions on ongoing basis.

Our improvement priorities for 2019-20 are listed below:

·  To further improve the quality of teaching so there is a higher proportion of outstanding teaching over time in the non-core subject areas with a focus on Early Reading, Writing PE & Computing 

·  To ensure that the continued promotion of positive learning characteristics and core values among pupils leads to even higher rates of attendance consistently excellent learning behaviours  

·  To increase the effectiveness and impact of subject leaders on outcomes for pupils 

Please click here to access the overview of our School Improvement Plan  


Our approach to English

Our English curriculum makes use of recognised programmes as initiatives such as ‘The Power of Reading’ where children are introduced to age appropriate and high quality literature.  Our teachers are also trained to ensure that they are able to deliver very effective shared and guided reading opportunities.  In order that our children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 are able to develop their phonological awareness, speaking and listening and key reading skills, we use a phonics resource called ‘Letters and Sounds’ which was first published by the Department of Education in 2007.  


Our approach to Mathematics

After careful consideration and research we decided to introduce an established and world class mathematics scheme called 'Maths No Problem'. This resource is based on a highly successful approach known as 'maths mastery'.  These lessons ensure that children are able to build mathematical fluency and understanding without the need for rote learning by introducing concepts using practical equipment and pictorial images.  Please click on the following link to access video clips which help to explain some key calculation methods http://mathsnoproblem.com/en/video-library/basics-explained/


Specialist Teaching

Please be aware that some subjects such as PE, Music, Drama and French are taught by specialist teachers which ensures more regular opportunities and high quality input.


Extra and Additional Curricular Opportunities

In addition to the statutory curriculum, we offer children a wide range of extra and additional curricular opportunities including frequent trips and visits, special themed events e.g. book or performing art weeks and regularly commission various experts to come and work with the children around a range of areas e.g.  artists and actors including those from indigenous cultures, e-safety experts, sports coaches etc.