Admission Arrangements


At Cavendish Primary School we have a morning Nursery with twenty-six places, which runs for five mornings a week, Monday to Friday from 8.50am to 12.00pm. Children are eligible for a free, part-time Nursery place the September before their fourth birthday.

Each year we hold open mornings for prospective parents, when parents are invited to look round the school, meet the Headteacher and other teaching staff, collect application forms and related documents, as well as ask any questions about the school or the admissions process.

All Hounslow’s infant and primary schools have nursery classes and all enquiries and applications for Nursery places should be made direct to the individual schools.

When making your application, you will need to consider carefully the admissions process and the oversubscription criteria. Application forms can be obtained either from schools or from the London Borough of Hounslow’s admissions department. It is very important to ensure that you return your application form to the school you are applying for by the deadline. Late applications severely limit your chances of receiving the school of your choice. The address you provide on the application form must be the address at which your child normally resides and you will need to provide proof of address along with your application. It is a criminal offence to give a false address and the school reserves the right to withdraw any offer made on the basis of inadequate, inaccurate or deliberately misleading information.

If a Nursery receives more applications than it has to offer, the places will be offered strictly in accordance with the London Borough of Hounslow’s oversubscription criteria, which are available on Hounslow’s website, You are strongly advised to ensure that you fully understand the admissions process and the oversubscription criteria before making your application for a place at any school, although please feel free to contact the school if you have any queries.

You are advised to apply to more than one school, but to consider the admissions criteria when making these applications. Please note that an offer of a Nursery place in a school does NOT guarantee a place in the subsequent Reception class, nor does it guarantee a place for siblings.
Please telephone the school on 020 8994 6835 for details of open mornings, Nursery application forms or for any other information and we will be pleased to help.


We currently offer 30 places in our Reception class. Children are eligible for Reception in the September of the school year in which they become 5 years old (1st September – 31st August).

The criteria for selection are different from those mentioned above for the Nursery. Having a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school.

All admissions enquiries are dealt with by the school admissions team, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN. It is important that parents contact the Department as soon as possible when looking for a place and, for Reception classes and Secondary transfer, keep to the deadlines for application. You can call 020 8583 2711 or you can email the Hounslow admissions team here.   To find out more about Hounslow admissions you can go to their website here.  

In Year Admissions

Prospective parents who have moved into the area are invited to make direct contact with the school to arrange a visit and find out more about us. If parents wish to apply for a place they must contact school admissions team, Children's and Adults' Services, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN. You can call  020 8583 2721 / 2711 and submit your application direct to them.

Admissions to Secondary Schools
The school will arrange a meeting for parents and children during September to discuss the process of secondary school admissions and inform them of key dates for applications.

Open days at secondary schools are held throughout September and the beginning of October and parents are encouraged to attend these events. You must apply for a secondary school place online using eAdmissions.

Full details on admission to secondary schools, along with the timetable for applications, can be found on the Hounslow Council website by clicking here

To download our admissions policy please click here.